The Mighty Knife forge: "Mighty hot, mighty quiet"


Knife Knife 2

Forge specifications for: "The Mighty Knife"

Two burner, individually controlled with stainless steel burner tip
Main body is made with premium 12 gauge hot rolled steel with two 2" insulated doors
Inside fire box dimension is 5.375" W x 16" D x 3.5" H
One 3" X 1.5" door port for bar stock to place in
Fuel type - Propane with operating pressure of 2 to 15 PSI
Interior fire box lined with 2" vacuum formed Thermo-Tect HT board
One piece poured floor made of a light weight 80 compound
Capable of forge welding in minutes
Two large 2" insulated end doors one with 3.5" X 1.5" port
Weight: 60lbs
$935 CND
Natural gas available (special order)

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The Mighty Knife comes with:

A push button ignition, 10' hose, Self Regulating 0-35 Lbs propane regulator and gauge.


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